Midnight Symphony

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The legend of the Gypsy Lady had been passed down for centuries, and now it is Cora's turn to dance in the square. Giving people hope and taunting the Demon King is what she lives for, until she catches the attention of Darius, prince of the demons. Hidden behind her mask, she keeps her identity from him until she is captured by the king. With her magic on the verge of waking and the village on the brink of war can Cora tame Darius' heart before it's too late?

Darius became obsessed with the Gypsy Lady the first time he had seen her dance and play in the market place. The night he kissed her became his undoing. When his father captures the woman people believed to be a spirit, Darius takes the chance to observe her. His obsession with her grows into something more, he knows that together they can stop the war and set things right, but can he accept it?

A letter to my readers on Midnight Shadows

It is with a heavy heart and a lot of thought that I make this announcement. I am sorry to get my readers’ hopes up, but Midnight Shadows will not be released. After much in depth discussion with my editor the book does not meet the quality of my current books, nor can edits salvage this book. There is no passion behind the characters or the storyline and you, my readers, deserve so much more. I don’t know when or if Midnight Shadows will be released. 

Thank you for understanding and I apologize for any disappointment I have caused with this. I appreciate every one of you and would rather have you disappointed because a release is not happening than hate the book I release. Thank you for reading.
A.L. Kessler

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