Title: No More Black Magic
Series: Here Witchy Witchy #1
Pages: 269
ISBN13: 979-8849635828

A hex.
Ancient runes steeped in black magic.
A decades-old crime.

Abigail Collins has her hands full as a Paranormal Investigation Bureau Agent. Accompanied by a stubborn werewolf, challenged by an overprotective coven, and introduced to a Cult linked to her parent’s death, Abby must solve her case before the murderer comes for her. When an ancient langue connects her past with the murderer’s Abigail might just be in over her head.

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Title: Deathly Magic
Series: Here Witchy Witchy #2
ISBN13: 979-8387038921
ASIN: B0181WJZ40

Zombies... When Abigail Collins heard Nick’s theory on their current case, she knew he had to be crazy, but when a zombie shows up in her apartment she has no choice but to believe him. A renegade necromancer bent on manipulating witches and murdering innocent people runs amok in town and Abby and Nick have to stop them before more bodies pile up. Further complicating matters two PIB agents step onto the scene, claiming a link between their case and Abby’s. To top it all off, blood starved vampires are causing chaos in the city. It’s just another day for PIB Agent Abigail Collins, full of blood, monsters, and explosions.

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