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Cover Reveal: Code Name: Fox & Mind Games

A.L. Kessler and Mia Bishop Presents
Code Name: Fox
Mind Games
Novella Set One of
The Syndicate

Five Day Cover Reveal: Day 2

Excerpt: Mind Games- Mia Bishop

Reagan made her way to the front of the table to face the suspect. The interrogation rooms helped block out the pesky noises in her head, and oddly enough she heard nothing from the werewolf sitting in front of her. Taking into account his appearance she could wager a guess his mind would be a battlefield, which was something she might be able to use to her advantage. He was a large man, muscular and lethal looking. Unfortunately, she also registered just how good looking he was too, but it wasnt a surprise. Werewolves were notoriously handsome; it seemed to be part of their allure. His hair was shoulder length and disheveled. The color was the lightest shade of brown almost bordering on dirty blonde with copper highlights and his green eyes glowed in the low light. She swallowed again trying to work the knot out of her throat. When she finally had herself under control, she opened the file she'd been clutching and tossed it on the table. "Mr. O'Conner, I'm Special Agent Silas."
His grin was instantly wicked. "Are you my prize for being such a good boy this year?"
She snorted. "Hardly, but I can be your worst nightmare."
It was his turn to snort in disagreement. "Please lass, what's a pretty little thing like you going to do? You're nothing more than tits and ass poured into a tight little skirt. No offense but I think I can take anything you dish out."
She pulled out a paper and began reading, "Liam O'Conner. Age unknown," Reagan paused and looked him up and down, "Male. Designation, Werewolf. Marital Status, Widower. Wifes name was Lia OConner. Cause of death, murdered by Hunters. No known heirs. Owner of O'Conner Construction which you inherited from your father, Dugan O'Conner.His unruly hair tumbled into his eyes as she continued reading, "Under your control, over the past ten years, your company has overseen the development of every major government structure, granting you a hefty profit and you've also garnered over eighty percent of construction jobs in the private sector as well. Which is an increase of at least thirty-five percent in both categories from when your father was in charge. Your businesses also oversee the docks from West Forty-first Street to West Fifty-ninth Street, which has seen a profit increase of forty percent. How do you account for such astonishing numbers?"
Liam sat back in his chair and threw his head back to remove the hair from his eyes. "First off, we prefer the term Wolf. Werewolf is a racial slur used by humans and it’s offensive. I assume you already know this but are using it as some sort of weak interrogation tactic."
She sat down across from him and crossed her legs. "And what's your second point?"
His grin he'd been taunting her with vanished as he leapt to his feet before slamming his manacled hands on the metal table with a growl that shook the room. "Never mention my wife, bitch, or I'll eat your god damn heart while it's still beating in your chest."
Reagan laughed and leaned forward. "And do you have a third thing to say, mutt?"
He resettled himself in the chair and narrowed his eyes. Do your best, Agent Silas.
She pulled out a picture, glancing at the graphic image of three mangled and bloated corpses before sliding it across the table. Do you recognize any of these men, Mr. OConner?
He ran his finger along the edge of the photo before tossing it back to her. Nope, never seen them before, but then again they dont have faces so I cant be sure.
Those men were found floating off the dock near your construction companys office.
Tough break for them. What does that have to do with me?
We know your organization runs the construction and development rackets in the city. You employ less than desirable employees and engage in less than desirable business tactics. Your construction company is part of an underground organization who controls the illegal activity in this city. We are well aware you make your living by dealing out death to those who oppose you.
Are you accusing me of being in the mafia, Agent Silas?
I’m not accusing anything; its a fact.
There is nothing illegal about running a construction company or a shipping yard. I think youre grasping at straws or this is some sort of wolf-hunt.He turned to look at the two-way mirror and snarled. Whats the matter, James? Cant come after me yourself so you send in this little piece of ass to try to whet my appetite?
Reagan clenched her fists under the table. You can speak to me, Mr. OConner. I assure you no one is—”
Standing on the other side of that mirror?He interrupted.
No one is going to answer your questions but me. Everyone on the other side of the mirror has nothing to say to a filthy mutt like you.
Oh youve got some balls on you little miss-special-agent. Do you know who I am? Do you have any idea what I can do to you to make your life a living hell?
Enlighten me, Mr. OConner. Tell me all about what you will do to silence me. Will you tear my arms and legs from their sockets? Or will you just mangle me like you did to the three men we found dead on your docks?She flung the picture at him again, and this time he caught it with his handcuffed hands. Tell me all about it,She leaned forward and whispered. Liam.”
His green eyes glowed intensely as he leaned across the table to come eye to eye with her. The next time you say my name youll be screaming it.
Is that a threat?
It’s a promise, lass.”
I’d like to see what you think you can do to make me scream. Better men than you have tried.
Before she knew what was happening his cuffed hand had grabbed hers. Reagan’s wide eyed gaze darted to the two-way mirror and she quickly gave a shake of her head to signal to the Captain that she was okay. Liam’s fingers traced the lightest touch over the back of her hand making her shiver. They obviously didnt know how to pluck your strings correctly.
There was a threat in there right alongside the innuendo, both made the hairs on the back of her neck prickle. Her voice stayed steady as she held his gaze. I doubt you could do much better than the average Joe. Now, lets begin.

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Series Blurb:

Paranormal creatures have stepped into the light of the human world and with them comes a dark secret. The Syndicate Council controls the mafia families and all organized crime, but there is something worse on the horizon.

The Agency was put in place to police the paranormal mafia for the protection of mankind in a way that human law enforcement isn’t able to. Their missions revolve creating a safe world for both humans and paranormal beings to coexist peacefully, but behind the curtain a more sinister plan is put into place by an ancient radical leader determined to regain his lost power.

Who can stop a demigod hell bent on creating a new empire and crushing those he feels are beneath him?

The paranormal mafia has the answer: The Syndicate.

Despite the façade of crime and corruption, the Syndicate uses the mafia to keep balance in a brutal world torn apart by crime, hatred, segregation, and corruption. Their goal: To take down The Agency at all costs.

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Code Name: Fox:

Shifter, Skye Lannister, takes a job at the Agency in hopes to help her kind, but the Agency isn’t what it seems. Caught by the vampire Syndicate council member, Zeek, Skye starts to question what she was thinking taking the job. When Zeek urges her to look deeper into the Agency, Skye learns that the company is hiding dark secrets and menacing plans.

Zeek Fuchs, Syndicate Council member, vampire, drug lord, and overall badass wasn’t prepared to protect the shifter he caught hacking his systems. The naïve woman took the job on a whim and had no idea she was carrying out dangerous orders. When assassins start attacking, things heat up as the two fight to keep her alive.

Mind Games:

Agency or Syndicate? Most witches are freelance, but being a psychic witch makes Reagan Silas valuable to the Agency's Protection and Security Division which is home to the Psychic Interrogation Unit. Since the supernatural world made itself known to the humans a few short years ago, the Agency and their mission of helping control the supernatural while protecting the humans, has been her only purpose in life. Untrained in physical magic, Reagan's talents as a witch are only a benefit in the Mindscape of those she interrogates for the Agency.  Her world is upended when her interrogation of the Alpha of the O'Conner pack goes terribly wrong. When all fingers point to Reagan she is faced with a cold hard truth; she's alone in this world. Without the Agency what is she?

Liam O'Conner, alpha of his pack, never expected to find himself wanting to protect the woman who tried to use his dead wife against him in his own mind. But after he is injured during her interrogations he gets word of the Agency suspending Reagan, and he makes it his mission to stay close. The person responsible for his injuries during Reagan's interrogation is still on the loose and Liam knows it's only a matter of time before this other psychic takes him out. Reagan is his best chance at survival and salvation. Can he make her see what the Agency is really up to? Or will she never get over her past trauma with werewolves to trust him?

Mia Bishop:

Mia Bishop lives in Colorado with her husband, two boys, and enough animals to fill a mini-zoo. She writes to keep from dying of boredom in the high desert. Mia loves to read and write paranormal romance and erotica, but also enjoys the steampunk and post-apocalyptic genres as well as historical romances.

Facebook Page: http://on.fb.me/M1FxZq

A.L. Kessler:

A.L. Kessler is known for her Here Witchy Witchy series. She lives in Colorado Springs with her family. Her addiction to coffee and chocolate get her through her busy life of being a mom, wife, and student. You can learn more about her at www.amylkessler.com

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