Friday, June 12, 2015

Interview: CJ McKee

1) Tell us about yourself! When did you start writing? Why? Who inspired you?

I’ve always done something creative, whether drawing, music, or short stories. I started writing short stories as a teen, but it was many years later I started a short story that would eventually become Blood and Bane and the rest of the Dragon Sage Chronicles. I wrote different types of stories, sci-fi, fantasy, but I’ve always loved dragons. A lot of the stories or movies showed dragons as being bad. I wanted to create a world where they were not bad, rather good and the highest authority in the realms.
My biggest influence was Ray Bradbury and of course Tolkien.

2) What is your newest release (Or upcoming)? Tell us a little bit about it.

My latest book is Outcast, also in the Dragon Sage Chronicles. My next book will be The Goblin Queen. In Outcast, a young girl and her village are terrorized by an outcast dragon. The dragon begins to focus on her as well and she must face the wrath of the villagers. But does she have a secret? The Goblin Queen will be about the growing force of goblins who eventually rise up against the humans of Arydd’liss? Are they being led by an unknown force?

3) What is your favorite part about being an author?

Cliché as it sounds, the writing. I love to create new worlds, characters and tell a story that appeals to people and makes them want more and able to “see” everything. 

4) What is your least favorite part about being an author?

I would say the editing, but honestly I do enjoy aspects of it that leads me to flesh out and bring out the best in the story. The least favorite is trying to gain the audience. Seems like there are tons of spammed books out there and it tends to get lost in the mix.

5) Are you an Indie Author, Hybrid, or Traditional? What lead you to this choice?

Indie for sure. I have worked with a publisher before on a non-fiction book and although they did a great job, the marketing was severely lacking as was the promises. Once the option to self-publish was well established, and when it became required to have an agent for sending submissions to big publishers, I decided to self-publish and never look toward big house publishing again.

6) Do you have any other hobbies?

Yes I also play hand drums, sometimes in drum circles, sometimes in bands or for bellydancers. Occasionally I play video games. 

7) Do you work on a schedule? Are you better working under pressure?

I don’t have a schedule, except when I working through my edits, then I set a due date for release and work toward getting there. This helps me to stay on track. First time writing is a free for all! 

8) Where do you see yourself in five years as an author?

Hopefully  with a well established audience and able to make a living from writing – as well as a few more books under my belt. 

9) What is the craziest idea that you’ve had?

Just one? Hehe, wellllll, I’d love to make an animatronic dragon that responds to voice and motion.  Would love to have it made by Industrial Light and Magic

10) If you could chose any of the ‘realities’ you write to live in, which world would you choose?

Right along with the Sovereign Dragons of the mountain. I could be one of the humans that aids them. 

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