Friday, May 22, 2015

Review: Maverick Adventures by Ashley Nemer

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Blurb: The Mavericks pack up for another whirlwind adventure. This time in Africa! What they thought would be a fun and laid back vacation turns quickly into a lifesaving and ceremonial disaster as their world literally begins to shake under their feet.
Anabella and Carter begin to get cozy as their relationship deepens in the African wilderness. Carter has a serious question to ask Ana … who wants nothing to do with that notion.
Nadia and Carlisle learn a little bit more about each other during their one on one time theorizing what it would be like for Nadia to take a life.
Nothing is ever simple for these two couples. Topped with a new player coming into the mix.
How will Mr. T affect Mr. A and Mr. J and will Mr. T stick around long enough for Nadia to sink her teeth into the story behind this member of the brotherhood?
The Adventure of a lifetime is awaiting the Mavericks. Join them on the craziest trip you’ll ever experience through the most mysterious continent in the world.

My Review: I love the Maverick books. In this time where people think that any bit of romance means there must be sex, it's nice to have something that cozy and not filled with unneeded sex. In this book we join the Maverick girls on an adventure in Africa. Though there are some serious heart pounding moments (#whathappenedtomrA?) Nemer manages to keep a light hearted feeling to the story. Anabelle gets to face Carter and his serious question for her which brings on some fantastic laughter later on in the story. There characters are all great and have wonderful chemistry with each other, nothing feels forced. If you want something that will make you laugh and take you on an adventure, pick this up. 

This one's a bit different than the other ones, I feel that it focuses more on the characters and less on the mystery, but the ending is no disappointment and promises more mystery in the next installment! 


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