Wednesday, May 20, 2015

No More Black Magic: Character Profile Abigail Collins

Character Profile: Abigail Collins, No More Black Magic

Age: Twenty-Four

Hair: Brown, long and wavy. It gets in my way.

Eyes: Brown, pretty standard.

Height: 6’ even.

Human? Depends on what you consider human. Some people don’t consider witches human.

Do you have any family? The only family I know is Levi, my parents were both murdered and none of my family has stepped up to claim me, so I don’t know if there’s any out there.

Who’s your closest friend? That would be Clarissa, she’s older than I am, but we’ve been friends for a while.

What’s your favorite Color? If you had to judge by my wardrobe, you’d think it was black, but no. It’s blue.

Your favorite music? Late 90’s and early 2000’s rock and pop. Don’t judge me.
Your favorite Season? That two weeks of Fall we get here, where the air is crisp and the leaves are changing. It’s after the gross heat and before the massive snow fall.

Favorite Food? Hamburgers with all the fixings.

Favorite Drink? Coffee, alcoholic drink is rum.

Favorite Clothing? I actually prefer my PIB uniform of black pants and shirt. They make me fell like a ninja.

Bio: Abigail Collins is the best of her age and the top Paranormal Investigation agent. Raised by the vampire of the local territory, she didn’t grow up with a normal childhood. Levi did the best he could when it came to her magical education. She prefers to work alone and doesn’t always do things by the book. She’ll charm you with her humor and burn you with her sarcasm. If you have a paranormal baddy to catch, Abby’s your girl. She always gets her man. When she’s not chasing bad guys, solving murders or learning her abilities, she can be found enjoying a glass of wine and junk TV. Don’t get on her bad side, she’s got abilities that go far beyond other witches her age and she knows how to hide a body.

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