Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Character Profile: Leviticus Felecos, No More Black Magic

Character Profile: Leviticus Felecos, No More Black Magic

Age: That’s something you don’t need to know.

Hair: Blonde, short, manageable. 

Eyes: Blue, unless I’m blood starved then they are red. 

Height: 6’ 5”

Human? No, vampire. I thought that’d be obvious. 

Do you have any family? Family is a very broad term, but by your standards Abby would be considered my family. Depending on who you ask, she’s either my ward or my adopted daughter.

Who’s your closest friend? No one that you’ve met, yet. So don’t worry about this.

What’s your favorite Color? Green, just plain and simple green.

Your favorite music? Classical

Your favorite Season? Winter, there’s something about the cold air and the snowfall.

Favorite Food? I don’t eat food, for nourishment. When I was human it was lamb.  

Favorite Drink? Blood, that one should have been a give away.

Favorite Clothing? I prefer something comfortable, dressed down. Sadly my passion doesn’t always allow for that.

Bio: Leviticus Felecos is the ruling vampire of the Four Corners Territory and guardian of Abigail Collins. He’s not a vampire that you want to cross and he has many people who work for him that would gladly make you disappear. Everyone seems terrified of him, but it’s not without reasons, but like everyone Levi has his secrets.

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