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Book Title: Bed of Roses (A Five Senses Novel) Author: Gemma Brocato Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: April 7, 2015 Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions
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Bed of Roses Book #4 - The Five Senses Series
This close to Valentine’s Day Malin Eckert’s flower shop is entering their busiest season. As if the added work isn’t enough, her father’s drinking has spiraled out of control and Mal discovers she’s been named guardian of a fifteen-year-old sibling she never knew about. To make matters worse, Mal’s crushing on a customer, a serial dater who drops by the shop with alarming regularity to send flowers to other women. Gunnar Sims never had the best luck with women, a fact that doesn’t stop his growing attraction to his florist. His new business is losing money and he should be concentrating on that, but instead finds Mal an enticing distraction. In spite of her best intentions to keep Gunnar firmly in the friend zone, Mal finds herself falling for the classically handsome gym owner. As her affection for Gunnar and her sister, Gabriella, grows, Mal’s heart hangs in the balance when it appears both could be taken away from her. Content Warning: Hard bodies, spoiled princesses, and a levelheaded woman who know how to smell the roses.
After a two minute warm-up she upped the speed and incline on her machine. She increased the sound level of her music to match. The volume hit earsplitting range when she entered the final quarter hour of her ninety-minute workout. Her quads and glutes burned, accompanied by the screaming of her shoulders and arms. Thanks to the pain that drove away any residual anxiety about Gaby moving in, she put this workout in the win column. The teen had run on a treadmill for forty-five minutes then moved to the weights. After a quick scan of the weight floor, she located Gaby on an abdominal crunch machine below. Mal upped the resistance on the elliptical trainer once more. Gripping the handles, she dug deeper. And nearly jumped out of her skin as someone waved their hand in front of her face. Stumbling out of one of the footpads, she pitched forward, rescued at the last minute when Gunnar Sims grasped her upper arm and jerked her upright. Slapping her hand on the stop button, she shut down the machine. She jerked her ear buds out. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you.” He grinned at her, the apology turning his Nordic blue eyes the color of an Arizona sky. “My fault. I was zoned out. Thinking.” She snagged the towel draped over her water bottle and mopped her face. It shouldn’t matter that her friend saw her with her hair plastered to her face and sweat streaming down her neck like a fast moving creek. But it did. There he stood, looking better than Chris Hemsworth, all Thor-like and drool-worthy. His green shirt accented his blond hair and added color to his cheeks. It also stretched so nicely across his chest, her fingers itched to touch. Dammit, men were not supposed to be that handsome when in the presence of sweaty women. Even the light scruff on his face looked delicious. The urge to test how it felt on her cheek replaced the destructive tension that had driven her to the gym in the first place. But replacing one vice with another wasn’t a good idea. Only her liver would be hurt if she drank. Getting involved with Gunnar Sims guaranteed a broken heart. He consulted the electronic display on her machine, his eyebrows lifting. “You’ve been at it for a long time. Were you atoning for some sinful food indulgence?” He handed her the water bottle. Sinful thoughts, more like. She dragged her mind out of the gutter. “No carbs today. Just using my time on the machine to work out some issues.”
Red roses , Valentines Day wooden background, wedding
Red roses , Valentines Day wooden background, wedding
Red roses , Valentines Day wooden background, wedding
Meet the Author
Gemma Brocato
Gemma's favorite desk accessories for many years were a circular wooden token, better known as a 'round tuit,' and a slip of paper from a fortune cookie proclaiming her a lover of words; some day she'd write a book. All it took was a transfer to the United Kingdom, the lovely English springtime, and a huge dose of homesickness to write her first novel. Once it was completed and sent off with a kiss, even the rejections addressed to 'Dear Author' were gratifying.
After returning to America, she spent a number of years as a copywriter, dedicating her skills to making insurance and the agents who sell them sound sexy. Eventually, her full-time job as a writer interfered with her desire to be a writer full-time and she left the world of financial products behind to pursue a career as a romance author. Gemma focuses mainly on contemporary romance, with an occasional detour into science fiction romance. Her titles are available in digital and print-on-demand at all major retailers.
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