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Escapades Blog Tour 
By Sasha Sayles 

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October 20th -  October 31st 

Escapades is a fast moving sexy collection of romantic short stories that will light up your life for many nights to come.  It's erotica meets Chicken Soup for the Soul…. and it is juicy!

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“Do any of us know what to look for?” Layla asked.
Dylan shrugged his shoulders. I can’t say for sure, but you know there’s this book that helped me. It’s called, ‘How to Love’, by Gordon Livingston, a psychiatrist out of Columbia, Maryland.
“How did the book help you?” Layla asked.
“I don’t know really, there was something about the way the author said to look for kindness, empathy and optimism in a prospective mate. Look for good character traits. He also talked about what personality types to avoid. It was just something about that book. Like it was a road map or something, a blue print.” Dylan said.
“So, what did he say to avoid.” Layla asked.
“You’d have to read it.” Dylan said, taking a sip of his water. “The main point he made is to gauge how you feel around people. He also said to be honest with yourself. The most important traits were genuine kindness and empathy. Oh, yeah, and he said to stay away from boring people.”
“Boring people? Is that right?” Layla laughed.
“Your fiancé, how did you know you loved him?"
I… I don’t know." Layla said. “I mean I love him. He’s great. We work. It’s time to get married.”
“Just like that.”
“Yeah, at 35, just like that.”
“It’s time.”
“Says who?”
“Says the part of me that wants a baby.”
Dylan smiled. The elevator was silent.
“You can use donor eggs.” Dylan said.
“Donor eggs, what do you know about some donor eggs. Are you a doctor?”
“Funny, you should ask. I am.”
“Yes, one of the med students runs the limo service to make money while he’s in school. Me and my boys fill in for him sometimes. And, well he knows I’m single, and when you called… “.
“Always plotting. Do y’all men ever quit?” Layla said smiling.
“I’m Chief Resident at Hopkins.”
“Is that so?”
“It is.”
“Will you specialize?”
“I will.”
“Here we go with the two-worders again.”
“Psychiatry. That’s my specialty. That’s how I know about Livingston.”
“Well, I guess I better get that book.” Layla said laughing.
The elevator was silent again.
“So, you’re getting married in three days to a great guy. Well, that’s… ah… great.” Dylan said.
“Yeah, I guess it is,” Layla said.
“Really, what is it about him?” Dylan asked, probing.
“I like him. I think he’s good for me. My family likes him. He’s got a great job. Why not? I want kids, soon, like I said. He’d make a great father.”
“So, just like that, huh?” Dylan continued.
“Well, I used to believe the heavens would open up and my heart would skip a beat. Now, though, I’m looking for someone who is kind, who has empathy. Someone I can be kind to as well. Someone who enjoys the same things I do. Someone who knows my faults and loves me anyway. Someone with whom I don’t have to be anyone but me. Someone with whom there’s not a lot of negotiating, just a lot of kind, loving acceptance.
“That is beautiful,” Layla said, staring out into the darkness. "So, how will you find that person?"
“That I don’t know.” Dylan laughed. “Who knows, maybe she will find me.”
"How’s your head?" He asked, changing the subject abruptly.
“Okay, I think. Layla said feeling the makeshift bandage Dylan had placed around her head.
“Here, lay your head on my lap." Dylan said.
Layla followed his orders. His lap was warm, welcoming. Soft, then hard… then harder and harder. Suddenly his enlarged penis nearly hit her in the head. She tried to rest. It kept pulsing, pulsing. Dylan didn't try to stop it. He put his hand on her head. Layla’s right hand instinctively moved to the sight of the pulsing. Before she knew it, she had his penis out of his Calvin Klein’s and was licking it from the base of his balls to the head of his hammer. It was thick like a soda can, and tasted like a milk chocolate Hershey bar. It had the most amazing taste. It was clean, and sweet.
Layla licked around the head, then back at the base where it all began. She took it in her mouth, then placed it slowly between her 38 DDs. She sucked it hard until he began to drip. Lick, drip, lick, lick, drip, drip. She couldn’t get enough. She steadied herself on her knees, pushed her ass up in the air, put her face straight down in the center of it, and got to business. When Dylan came, and he did… hard… complete. She made sure to take it all in her mouth. He fell back as she swallowed it. Layla licked her lips, realizing and wondering why she did not suck Wade’s penis that way. Why didn’t she relax that way with him? In that instant, she began to wonder whether she trusted Wade? Extraordinary sex, requires true surrender, vulnerability, honesty, truth. She remembered reading that somewhere. Did she trust Wade? She wondered again.
Just as Layla was wiping her mouth with her hands, light began to peek through the elevator doors. Bit by bit the light came in, until ...
“What the hell! Layla! Who is… ?” She heard Wade saying. Awe no… She heard Joi saying. “I knew it, and I ain’t mad at you!”
“I told you that crooked politician wasn't no good for you anyway.” Cynthia chimed in.
One of New Jersey’s finest, Officer Moses Elton, quickly inserted himself between the small opening in the elevator. “Step back, everybody. Step back. Calm down.” He said.
Come was still dripping down Layla’s mouth, and Dylan’s ten-inch dick was still at alert.

I feel compelled to do good with my writing - to create and deliver work that moves us forward as a society. 

Cheryl Taylor


Cheryl Taylor is an American writer, poet and Washington, DC-based attorney.

She was born Cheryl Elizabeth Moat in Media, PA to  a US Postal workers Geraldine and Donald Moat, a  letter carrier and a Korean War Veteran.  She began writing at 15 years old. Cheryl attended Nether Providence High School in Wallingford, PA, and Howard University School of Business, before earning her law degree at Howard University School of Law.  After law school, Cheryl worked as a Federal attorney for 14 years with various agencies.  Cheryl also worked with Mobil Oil Corporation and the University of Maryland at College Park.

While working as an attorney and raising a family, Cheryl continued writing.  Her first published work is Do I Stay in this Marriage? Smart Tools for Evaluating Your Relationship Right Now, published January 2012 (Re-named, Don't File Divorce Just Yet - What You Must Know First).  An audio program titled, The 2 Day Rehab Program, followed.  Her latest work is titled, Healing for Humanity - A Life Changing Devotional.  Her work can be found on her website at or on
Cheryl also published an Adult Fiction book in 2014, Escapades, under her pen name, Sasha Sayles.

Cheryl offers editing, book design and other writing services to authors through Cheryl Taylor She also offers a Young Writer's Camp to students during spring break and over the summer months.

In addition to writing, her passions include her family, writing, film, teaching, kayaking, travel and music.

She resides in the Washington, DC area with her two teenage sons, and may be reached at 

You Can follow Cheryl on her webpage at 

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