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Digital Book Fair!



Chances are you landed here because of the virtual book fair on Facebook! If not you should check it out, lots of fun going on there!

At the event I gave you a little taste of In The Light of the Moon, the free first book to Dark War Chronicles. Here you'll find an Excerpt from Dance in the Moonlight, book 2 and lots of links! (Note: The Touch of Night is a free short story, you do not have to read it for everything to make sense, but the books do need to be read in order.)


"Okay birthday girl, I think you've had enough."

Renee shook her head. "Nooo, I need more. Rum. Where is the rum?" She stood and tried to get to the kitchen, but Danielle held her back.

"It's gone." Someone else in the house cried out.

"Why is the rum always gone?" Renee asked, feigning a pirate voice. She giggled as she headed towards the kitchen, escaping Danielle's clutch. She searched through the bottles but froze when a person she didn't know passed on the other side of the counter. Swearing, she saw an animal waver behind him, just like she had with Coran at the bar. Then she blamed it on being stressed. Now she blamed it on being drunk. Placing her shot glass on the counter, she drew in a couple deep breaths and closed her eyes. When she opened them the room stopped spinning and the man with the shadow was no longer in the room.

"You okay?" Danielle's voice made Renee jump.

Nodding, she pulled away from her friend. "I just need some fresh air."  She grinned.

Danielle motioned to the door. "You know where the door is, use it."

Renee stumbled outside and took a deep breath, closing her eyes again. The heat from the day still clung to the air and thoughts from the chase the night before returned to her. Footsteps still echoed in her head, reminding her of the men who chased her. Her eyes flew open when someone grabbed her wrist. Stumbling, her heart pounded as she shoved at the stranger, frantically slapping him with her other free hand, trying to get them to let go. Drinking made her more clumsy than normal, but she tried to pry the man’s hand off her. The world spun around her as she struggled with the stranger. The man's grip bruised her arm as he pulled her off her stumbling feet. Renee crashed to the ground taking her attacker with her. He landed next to her with a yell and two other men came running. Her eyes widened when she could see the other forms — a wolf, a big cat of some sort, and a bear. A scream bubbled up in her throat, but one of the other men clapped a hand over her mouth. She tried to kick, but her alcohol-laden system moved too slowly to surprise him.

"Shut it, you little bitch."

An accent she couldn’t place tinged his voice. She thrashed against the man, her mind racing through the worse possible scenarios.

Within a moment the man disappeared, yanked away from her. Renee glanced up, surprised filling her hazy brain when she recognized the hunky bartender. Coran held an attacker in the air by the shirt collar, a foot off the ground. She couldn't believe it, exactly what kind of bartender was this guy? Coran smirked at her and in that moment the image of the wolf flickered behind him, snarling. She swallowed and gave him a shy wave.

He set the man down. "I suggest you run before I rip your head off."

The man quickly nodded in agreement and he and his comrades took off. Coran turned back to Renee and held a hand out to her. "What was that all about?" he asked as he pulled her up. She stumbled into him. "Are you drunk?"

"Beats hot milk and butter." She grinned before turning in the direction the attackers ran off in. "Those butt faced miscreants."

Coran laughed and put an arm around her trying to lead her back to the house. "That's a new one."

Renee leaned into him, using him for balance. Here she was drunk and about to screw up a chance with the hot bartender...again. "I don't want to go back in there." Her mind flashed to all the images flickering behind people and tears formed in her eyes. She was tired of these forms reappearing. She swore that time of her life was over.

"What? Why? It looks like a fun party." He turned to her and tilted her chin up to meet her eyes. "Are you crying?"

She sniffled, trying to keep the little drops from falling. "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to...gosh darn it! I'll leave if I want to."

"I'm so going to be dead for this." He grumbled and picked her up, cradling her against his chest. "How drunk are you?"

"You're only going to be mostly dead." She laid her head against his chest. "And I'm not as think as you drunk I am." She could feel his chest rumble with laughter as he started to walk away from the house. He tucked her into the passenger side of his truck, buckled her in and kissed her forehead.

"To the bat cave," she muttered and pointed out the windshield.

He got in on the other side, chuckling as he started the truck. "Something like that, sweetheart."

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