Sunday, June 1, 2014

Interview: John Tucker

Please welcome John Tucker to my blog today as he tells us a little bit about himself and his writing!


1) Tell us about yourself! When did you start writing? Why? Who inspired you?

I'm about to turn 51, had two sons, and three ex-wives I'd rather not discuss. I started writing five years ago, and my first novel was Romancing the Fox. Not the one you can find on my Amazon Author page. This one had 350,000 words and was basically a wreck. I split it into two books and, after I re-educated myself on the finer points of English with an online writing group – IWW(Internet Writers Workshop) – I finished it and self-pubbed after a crash course in formatting. What a headache. As far as my inspiration goes I have many authors I admire – I love Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and John Jakes – but my impetus was all me. I wanted to write a book, and I did. Up until then, I never knew how much blood, toil, tears, and sweat went into being an author. I respect every fellow author out there – regardless of their talent.

2) What is your newest release (Or upcoming)? Tell us a little bit about it.

My newest release will be a hostage thriller called The Wisdom of Lunatics. It will be published by Fountain Blue Publishing in the future. Until then, The Seventh Seal is my most recent release. It's the third book in my Bemused and Bedeviled Series, populated with nine diverse Muses, three deliciously evil Sirens, and a special mortal named Daniel Gordon. The first volume – Terpsichore in Love – introduced the reader to the quasi-religious/mythological universe of Terpsichore (Terri) and her sisters, and how she meets and falls in love with Dan. The second book – The Mark of Cain – concentrates on Dan's now rocky relationship with Terpsichore and his eventual seduction into the dark side of the cosmos by Lucifer and his Sirens. The Seventh Seal continues the fanciful story by introducing a shadowy cabal called the Antediluvians. As Dan tries to extricate himself from Lucifer's evil realm, he falls in love with the Muse he is told will be his destined soul mate. But do the celestial Antediluvians have ulterior motives for putting them together?

3) What is your favorite part about being an author? 

As an author, I love typing 'The End' on a manuscript. I love my own personal Muse whispering ideas into my brain. I love seeing a new sale on my KDP chart. As a person, I love people commenting on my books, any person leaving me a review, and anyone who deems me interesting enough to follow me on my blog or my Facebook Author Page.

4) What is your least favorite part about being an author?

Ugh, formatting, scrambling to learn the new technology, and dealing with my lack of finances that hinder my ability to promote my books the way I should. While I dislike bad reviews that have valid beefs, the comments teach me what to change and make my novel better. Something I've did with three of my books.

5) Are you an Indie Author, Hybrid, or Traditional? What led you to this choice?

I'm a proud member of the Indie Writer alliance and I'm hoping my venture with Fountain Blue Publishing puts me on the right track to becoming a traditional author. Since I do have a tendency to come up with stories that shatter the edges of the literary envelope, like my novel Splits in the Skin, I reckon I'll lean toward being a hybrid author. I'm a Gemini, so I like to keep my hands in as many cookie jars as possible.

6) Do you have any other hobbies? 

I wish I had time for another hobby. I do have a collection of over 400 DVD's of my favorite movies. Does that count?? My Top 5 are --- Pulp Fiction, The Godfather Trilogy, Dawn of the Dead (Original), Animal House, and Pretty Woman. What???

7) Do you work on a schedule? Are you better working under pressure?

I used to be a 'pantser' but over the last year I've come to trumpet the joys of outlines, character grids, and setting aside certain hours of the day for writing. I don't respond well to pressure, but deal with writers block by starting a new project. At present, I have three novels in varying degrees of completion – an erotica novel, a romantic-dramedy, and the sequel to Romancing the Fox.

8) Where do you see yourself in five years as an author? 

Hopefully better than I am now. I'm slowly getting a following, getting cozy with some spectacular authors, and slowly learning the basics of becoming an author in the electronic age. While I get a little down at my success so far, I'm really trying to turn the corner and market my name and novels a little better.

9) What is the craziest idea that you’ve had?

Definitely Splits in the Skin. It's a thriller about a self-exiled town filled with a single family of over a hundred people – yes, I'm talking about widespread incest – and the bounty hunter who's tasked with apprehending the village's spiritual leader. As I wrote it, I knew it could never be published and no one would read it. After I went ahead and sent it into the world, I cringed at every review it received, knowing it would probably be 1-2 Stars at best. So far, it's gotten good reviews from friends and strangers and I'm truly thrilled that it does.

10) If you could chose any of the ‘realities’ you write to live in, which world would you choose?

With the exception of the paranormal world of Bemused and Bedeviled, all of my novels take place in today's world. One – The Little Girl You Kiss Goodnight – takes place in the 1980's. The rest withing the last 5-10 years. If I could thrust myself into one of my novels – become a character – it would be Divisive. Dennis Rask is my Mr. Hyde. He's the opposite of me and, despite being an amoral serial killer, I'd love to be him for a few days. His charm, confidence, and determination are things that don't come easy for me. With the exception of killing people, like he does, It would be a blast to be him.


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