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Spotlight: Torie James

Today I've got Torie James, author of New Camelot! Come read as she tells us a bit about timelessdesire_140x210her journey.

So, exactly why did I decide to “retell” the time honored tales of King Arthur and Camelot? It was never my decision. True story!

I had grand plans on being the next Anne Rice. I wanted to write about sexy vampires with laissez-faire attitudes and “come get some” personalities. I wanted to create my own Brat Prince (Lestat….I knew thee well!) of sorts and set the world on fire.

Never put a pen to paper in that regard, but told a damn fine story of “some day” Before I took the mantle of “Once and Future Queen”, I was the Queen of Procrastination. Not a bad gig but one that drug on far too long.

“Timeless Night” started out as a stand-alone romantical book about a master Vampire named Alex and the disparaging, witty, saucy Sabrina Van Helsing, the last of the line of infamous Vampire Hunters. Vamp meets Hunter, they argue, poke, annoy, irritate and desire each other. A groovy kind of love follows…the end. Got off to a roaring start and four pages later, I was stuck. I did what I always did in such times and grabbed some Dr. Pepper, watched a bit of Sherlock and Doctor Who with some gratuitous moments spent on True Blood. When I went to bed that night and tumbled into my dreams, I met a mysterious, handsome man that bore more than passing resemblance to Adrian Paul.

His name was Merlyn, he said. And I was The Chosen One. There, in that twilight space between oblivion and waking, I sat with the world’s most famous wizard and didn’t just hear what he had to say. I listened. What if…

And here we are. I’ve never been more thrilled or more scared in my entire life. But you know what? I wouldn’t change it for the world. Not one bit.

And now I’m about to unleash Timeless Desire, Book Two of New Camelot, on the world. Dreams can and do come true!


Excerpt from Timeless Desire, Book Two of New Camelot:

"Mind if I join you?" He leaned against the doorframe, watching her pummel the padded dummy with sharp jabs.

"It's your funeral." She shot back, not making eye contact, her body language stiff and hostile. "Least I can hope, at any rate."

"Nim, I..."

"Sil, play Metallica." She ignored him.

"Yes, Miss Nim."

Master of Puppets began blasting through the room as she gave him a droll look and tossed a roundhouse kick on the dummy's "knee" and another kick to its groin. She knew perfectly well no matter what she said he wasn't going to leave so he shrugged and took off his shirt, tossing it aside and reached for the tape on the neatly organized shelf of supplies. Sitting on the weight bench, he taped his hands up and rose, grabbing a staff off the wall mount and throwing it at her unexpectedly.

Catching it with lightning fast reflexes, she arched a brow his way.

He grabbed another one and approached her slowly.

"What do you think you're doing?" she shouted over the music.

"I'm giving you what you want, Nimue. You want a piece? Come get some, tsylni. Fair fight, first one pinned down wins."

He didn't miss the evil glint of pleasure in her eyes. "If I win, what do I get?"

"My heart."

"That old thing? Keep it." She paused. "If I win, we break our blood link."

"The only way to do that is if one of us dies."

She flashed a fanged grin. "The problem?"



Amy! Thank you so much for having me on today! You are fab and keep writing the good write, girl!

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