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Interview and Cover Reveal: Mia Bishop

Please welcome Mia Bishop to Writing Rambles as she prepares for her new release of Twisted Revenge (out Feb. 26th!)

First take a look at this beautiful cover for Twisted Revenge! Check it out here.


















Book One in the Ever After Series

The Gateway Arch in St. Louis hides a secret opening to a fairytale world. Hidden from Rowan since childhood, it may have been where she was born, but it’s not her home. That is, until the handsome, dangerous Luc strolls in with a tale about “the one in red” and how she’s supposed to kill Ulric, the Big Bad Wolf.

The attraction between Luc and Rowan is instant and intense. They explore each other while unlocking the powers and abilities hidden inside Rowan. It is her destiny to kill Ulric and Luc will do all he can to see that she fulfills her role.

Unfortunately, the Pied Piper is determined to keep Luc and Rowan apart. Secrets come to light that threaten to destroy their budding love. They’ll have to fight the Piper, shape-shifting wolves, and themselves to find their happily ever after.

1) Tell us about yourself! When did you start writing? Why? Who inspired you?

I started writing in elementary school, but I've told stories since before I could write. I would attend literary festivals, competed in creative writing competitions, etc. but as time went by I started to listen to the people around me who continually told me to give up writing and focus on something that could be a career. In 2009 I found roleplaying online and started writing again, from there I slowly built up my confidence and decided that it was time that I did what I wanted with my life. I am constantly inspired by my friends, my kids, and strangers who encourage me.

2) What is your newest release (Or upcoming)? Tell us a little bit about it.

My upcoming release is titled Twisted Revenge. It is a modern day twist on the fairytale of Red Riding Hood mixed in with a dash of fantasy.It is centered around the Gateway Arch in St. Louis which is actually a portal to the world of fairy tales and a woman named Rowan. She meets a man name Luc who encourages her to embrace her destiny and slay the Big Bad Wolf.

This book is the first in a series called Ever After, but unlike other series each book here is written by a different author but all the stories overlap, intersect, and some of the characters make various appearances in other books. Book two will be written by Phoebe Chase and book three is written by Alexandra Webb.

3) What is your favorite part about being an author?

Giving the voices in my head a release. And I love when readers let me know when a scene is funny, or sexy, or made them cry.

4) What is your least favorite part about being an author?

Editing. Plain and simple. I loathe editing.

5) You do both Indie and Traditional publishing, what lead you to this choice?

I had originally planned to self-publish my works, I had my first book Waking Up In Bedlam almost ready to go when plans changed. I can't really tell too much of the story on how the three of us came to write the Ever After series because the story isn't mine to tell, it's Phoebe's. But I am along for the ride and was shocked when my story was decided as the starting point for the series. It was unexpected, fell right into our laps, and I am very happy now with riding the line between Indie and Traditional author.

6) Do you have any other hobbies?

I love reading but that should be obvious. I enjoy comics, manga, art, making jewelry, crafts, cooking and pretty much anything DIY. I love all manner of nerd-culture. I'm an obsessed Whovian, love D&D, video games, and enjoy doing palm readings and tarot cards. When the weather is good my family and I enjoy fishing, hiking, and camping. Luckily we live in the high desert which means there isn't a shortage of good weather and places to escape from the modern world.

7) Do you work on a schedule? Are you better working under pressure?

I try to work on a schedule… It rarely works out the way I plan it in my notebook. When things come down to the wire I'm able to get my butt in gear and make stuff happen.

8) Where do you see yourself in five years as an author?

Successful. Simple and true. I see myself making a good living, providing for my kids, even though my oldest one will be out of the house by then. I see myself enjoying every minute with readers and friends and making the most of life.

9) What is the craziest idea that you’ve had?

It's actually something I'm working on right now. A mix of zombies (like High School of the Dead) meets Misfits (UK TV series) meets Erotica… The whole premise is that this story knows and fully acknowledge just how ridiculous it is, it doesn't take itself seriously, everything goes wrong, and everyone in it is a hot mess. It will be told in parts, with each part focusing on a different character in the groups, but characters cross over, and one or two characters carry over in all four parts (or more) of the story. It's crazy, it was birthed by a dream, and I'm pretty sure my brain will be scrambled once I start diving deeper into this crazy story.

10) If you could chose any of the ‘realities’ you write to live in, which world would you choose?

I would choose my Arcadian Veil reality. There is so much there and I've only just scratched the surface. There are witches, gypsies, wolves, dragons, Fae, vampires, gods and goddesses, and even ogres. It’s a mix of urban fantasy and fairytales all converging on modern day Colorado in a sleepy-little mountain town.

I would be spending every Monday night at O'Hara's Pizza at the corner of 5th and Maple eating pizza with my favorite wolves, Alex and Oliver, while watching Bertram fawning over his mate Myrtle as the wolves yell at the football game on the TV.




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