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Blog Hop: Love is in the Air

Welcome to my stop for the Love is in the Air blog hop, hosted by SPE! Below you'll find aBlog_hop_image little scene written from some's point of view. I can't tell you who without giving away spoilers, but I hope you enjoy this little slice of life from the DWC world!


I moved to the shadow of the club as the UPS man walked in. Tegan would notice me there, but she didn’t know who I was, didn’t know what I’d done, but I didn’t want to miss the look of surprise on her face. I’d bribed some of the people closest to her to tell me what she she’d most enjoy and now it was time to see it come to light. There’s nothing better than surprising a woman on Valentine’s Day.

Tegan turned from serving a customer to see the UPS man standing there with a box and her brows drew together. I wished I could see her eyes, if it weren’t for those stupid sunglasses she always wore. She tossed her white hair behind her shoulder, allowing me a great look at her ample cleavage peeking from her tight black shirt. I watched as Tegan took the box from the deliver man, confusion still clear on her face. A growl slipped out of my mouth when Lucius stepped up and put a hand on her shoulder, the vampire had a way of ruining everything. Even from my spot I could hear the vampire speaking.

“Who sent it?” Lucius’ voice was low and he took the box from her.

She shrugged. “I don’t know, UPS just dropped it off. Probably just one of the bar patrons.”

Yes, just one of her many admires, let her open it, I thought as Lucius looked at the box suspiciously. I wouldn’t let the vampire ruin it for Tegan.

Lucius shook his head. “With everything going on, I don’t think it’s safe to open a unknown package.”

“Lucius…” Tegan growled. “It’s from 1-800-flowers! Seriously!”

The vampire just shook his head. I met his gaze from my spot and left before he could corner me. The darkness of the night closed around me, interrupted only by the flashing lights of the Disappearing Act’s sign. My plan had failed and probably gotten Tegan in trouble. All I wanted was to surprise her, but clearly that was going to be harder than I thought.

I turned the corner to my car and saw Lucius leaning against it. Had I been smart I would have just used a demon portal to go home, but no...I had to cling to the vision of being human.

“What are you doing here?” His voice remained low, even, and he still had the box in his arms.

I shrugged and shoved my hands in my pockets. “Thought I’d come and check out the new bar.” Though it had been there for a few years now and I had just worked up the nerve to see if it was true that Tegan ran it.

“You aren’t supposed to be near her. That was the agreement.” Lucius snapped and shoved the box at me.

I caught it before it could fall to the ground. “I wasn’t doing any harm.”

“You sent her flowers.” Lucius snapped. “You probably signed them and then she’d start searching for you. She’s too smart and resourceful to let something like this go.”

“I didn’t sign it and she deserves to be spoiled.” I shrugged and unlocked the car, putting the box in there. “It wouldn’t have done any harm.”

Lucius shook his head. “Stay away from her. I don’t need you around to make things complicated. She already questions things that I can’t explain to her. The agreement was that you could stay in the territory if you didn’t come near her.”

I clenched my jaw and nodded. “That it was, forgive me for trying to make her happy. Clearly you have that taken care off.” I walked around the car and got in. Lucius simply disappeared from the sidewalk. Closing my eyes, I imagined the way Tegan would look when she opened the box of roses. Sadly, it would never happen because of Lucius and his desire to keep her away from me.


Dawn was close and I decided to piss the vampire off by driving by the bar again. I could sense that Tegan was still in the bar, but something else caught my attention--a window above the bar with a light shining through, a possible apartment? I parked the car and got out to take a look. The street was almost empty at this point, but a quick peek in the window of the bar told me Tegan was still closing it up.

I grabbed the flowers from the back seat and with a wave of my hand I summoned a demon portal and used it to take me to the apartment. I took in the shades of red and black of the studio apartment; everything matched the theme, except for the display cases that held butterflies. I took a deep breath and knew that I was in Tegan’s place. Her scent over whelmed me and I had to control myself in order not to go and sniff her pillow, my demon going crazing. I went to the card table that I assumed she used as a dinning room table.

Quickly I took the roses and vase out of the box, followed by the box of chocolates. Washing the stems, I cut them using my pocketknife and then filled the vase. After arranging them, I put them on the table for her. The red and white roses were beautiful against the dark wall. The lock of the door clicked and as much as I wanted to stay, she’d be sure to tell Lucius that she caught someone sneaking around. I summoned another portal and took myself away before she walked in.

Climbing into the car, I tried to calm the aching in my heart. Leaving her little gifts was the only way I could let her know I was here. She didn’t know about me and never would. We were the mated pair that would never be.


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