Friday, November 15, 2013

NaNo Interview: Laura Oliva

Today we have Laura Oliva joining us to talk about their NaNoWriMo experience and how it’s affected her writing career.

1) How many years have you done NaNoWriMo?

This is actually my first! I heard about it last year, but felt my son was just a little too young for me to realistically participate.


2) Can you tell us a little bit about this year’s project?

Sure! I am writing the first of what is going to be a 7-book series. The book is called The Devil's Playground, the series, The Devil's Playthings. It follows burlesque-dancer-turned-amateur-detective Frankie Strong and undercover vice cop Johnny Marsden as they go up against San Francisco's Chinatown mafia... and fall in love.

3) Has Nano lead you to getting something published, either self-published or traditional/small press?

I will be self-publishing The Devil's Playground, so, yes?

4) How did you get started with Nano?

A friend of mine mentioned she was doing it, and it got me thinking. My son is a little older now.  I had been wanting to dive into this project nose-first. NaNoWriMo seemed like a great excuse/opportunity to do that!

5) Have you ‘won’ NaNo every year you’ve participated?

I hope to...

6) If you haven’t won every year, can you tell us why you think it failed? If you won every year, will you tell us your strategy?

I'll let you know next year ;-)

7) What’s your advice for aspiring authors who participate in NaNo?

JUST DO IT. Is that trademarked? Whatever. It's true. Deposit your ass in that chair, set your fingers to that keyboard, pray to the statue of Kali above your desk (hey, don't judge), and just. Do. It.

8) What advice do you have for those who struggle towards the 50k mark?

You're not a freak.  Or a terrible writer.  Or a terrible person.  50,000 words is a lot.  It's normal to struggle.  Just keep slogging, even when it seems like everything you've written so far blows chunks.

Now that we’ve got the NaNo questions out of the way, let’s get to know you a little more.

9) Tell us a little bit about yourself

As I mentioned before, I am a full-time mom and wife. I love bourbon and gin martinis. I am addicted to Pinterest. And I love German Shepherds.

10) What is your upcoming work?

It's a huge treat for me to introduce The Devil's Playground for the first time:

Professional burlesque dancer Francesca "Frankie" Strong has learned the hard way: on San Francisco's cutthroat party circuit, crime has a way of going unnoticed. When her best friend is brutally attacked, she's determined not to let the case fall through the cracks.  Justice may be elusive, but Frankie knows where it's hiding, and she's going after it on her own. 

Undercover cop Johnny Marsden is in desperate need of a win.  His career on the rocks, he's infiltrated the infamous nightclub Cafe Outré, rumored front for San Francisco's Chinatown mafia.  Johnny has never seen anything like the glitter-and-sin-encrusted world he's now a part of.  He's certainly never met anyone like Frankie Strong. 

Realizing they'll get farther together than on their own, Frankie and Johnny forge an uneasy partnership. Neither expects the heat that flares between them. Neither is ready for what it could mean. Together, they run down a trail that leads directly to Chinatown, and a faceless terror its residents refuse to name.

Frankie's only interest is in protecting her friend, and she's willing to make a deal with the devil to do it. But Johnny suspects the attack was part of something larger, something darker... and he's right.


11) Where do you see yourself as an author in the next 5 years?

Hopefully in my office, writing my next book... but with a little more "shoe money" in my pocket...

12) Please, tell us where we can learn more about you!

You can find me skulking pretty much all over the Internet.

My Website

My Blog

Twitter: @writermama




           Hope you're not sick of me yet, lol! Looking forward to getting in touch!




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