Monday, September 30, 2013

Souls around the World Blog Hop

Souls Around The WorldWelcome to my post for the Souls around the World Blog Hop! It thought I would take this chance to let you know a little bit more about myself. The Theme for this blog hop is 'Things that go bump in the night' as many of you know, I'm a paranormal romance author, but why paranormal?

I have always been fascinated by the unknown and some times terrified. I swore for the longest time that the big walk in closet in my childhood home was haunted, and then again in my grandmother's house, I thought the closet in my room was haunted. I had mounds of books on the supernatural and the paranormal , ghosts, vampires, shifters anything I could get my hands on. I was introduced to the genre in middle school with Amelia Atwater-Rhodes' book Demon in my View and I was taken.

I couldn't get enough, I would go the the library and get everything I could on vampires, and from there I was introduced to reading books with shifters and anything else I could get my hands on! I was always thrilled to find others who enjoyed the paranormal and paranormal romance genres. When I seriously started writing, I knew it had to have a paranormal edge to it. The romance didn't come until later, much later.

In high school all my writing was aimed towards the paranormal aspect, but being raised by my extremely religious grandmother, I didn't really get encouraged. She tried, but I also think she wasn't sure how to encourage something she didn't understand. Researching was hard because seeing books on creatures always made my grandmother weary....but it wasn't until College and after I wrote Dark Moon (A novel that will never see the light of day...) that I started adding a little bit of romance into the mix. So I officially started writing paranormal romance. To this day my fascination with vampires, shifters, demons, witches anything that goes bump in the night (or day) continues. Though lately I've added my obsession with Scotsmen. ;)

Excerpt: Midnight Shadows (Alaster's book, unedited)

Alaster closed his eyes and called on all the anger and grief he felt at failing Selina. An ache ran through his body as he let his emotions go and forced it into his magic. The power in his surged and a coldness rushed through his body. This raising would be bigger than the one before, but he needed…no wanted for the wolves to suffer. He found more than just human remains waiting in the ground for him. A wicked grin crossed his face. “Come to me.” He whispered as he pushed the magic into the bones he found.

Skin reformed, eyes came back, bones reconnected as the magic found the pieces. Humans came from the ground, breaking the solid dirt, followed by those bodies of wolves. Alaster laughed as everything broke the surface. The guards behind him stood speechless, weapons at the ready, but Alaster raised a hand. “They won’t harm us. They won’t harm her.” He looked at the ground of undead surrounding them. They weren’t his best work, with skin still off colored and in some cases not completely covering the body, but they would work.

“Kill the wolves, but leave the new female alone.” He whispered. His magic would carry the order to all the dead he raised. By the sounds of the howls in the night he knew that some of the corpses were already carrying out his orders. He flexed his hands at the power he felt there. The lose of his emotional control would allow him to raise more if need be, but for now he wanted to make sure that the alpha and his son suffered.


Tell me what your favorite creature that goes bump in the night is and I'll enter you into a contest to win free e-book copies of In the Light of the Moon and Midnight Symphony, as well as a chance to beta read for either of the sequels. :)

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  1. You are so brave, I identified with your childhood fears, but I just RAN AWAY from the scary , you embraced it and made it yours BRAVO, LOVING the HOP I am number 37 and wrote a short scary bit based on the type of fears you describe above

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I'll make sure to go check yours out, I find it interesting when people have the same fears. Everyone reacts differently!

  3. I love your hop. It is so fun. I love the scary stuff in life. MCV Egan did a great job on her story, it reminded me of an old Twilight Zone Show.

  4. Thank you for stopping by! I used to watch Twilight Zone reruns with my dad when I was little! :D

  5. Amy - So glad you joined the hop and fantastic post!!! See you on our next adventure together!

  6. I adore this excerpt. I have to know more. What is Alaster: a wizard, warlock, a necromancer? I write about shifters in my books too, but I have't always been a fan. I'm just now starting to get into it. I write more about angel/demon and human characters. I do think though that I prefer werewolves to vampires, but I really like the new concepts, that have become popular as of late, of hybrid vampire-werewolves.

  7. I'm so glad I was able to join, thank you! And yay for more adventures together!

  8. Alaster is a necromancer, his first appearance is in Midnight Symphony. Vampires were probably my first love when it comes to supernatural creatures, I'm always weary when it comes to the hybrids because some times they go above and beyond the suspense of disbelief. I'm glad you liked the excerpt and thank you for stoping by!

  9. My favorite thing that goes bump in the night is probably a vampire. I'm not too sure why they're my favorite. Probably because my mom always liked them and we were super close growing up. But now I just can't get enough of them

  10. That's cool that you're close to your mom and have a common interest with her! Do you and your mom read the same books? I bet that leads to some interesting discussions if you do. Thanks for stoping by!

  11. Oh things that go bump in the night!!! so hard, but lately I have been on this whole were kick. I think it is is because I am just in love with Alcide. lol

    although HP Mallory's Knight who is a Loki, is a good one too...

    oh too hard!!!

  12. I love how you say a were-kick vs just straight up werewolves! That's awesome. HP Mallory is on my to-read list! Thank you for stopping by!

  13. I always enjoyed the spirit that refused to move on. It doesn't hurt if the spirit is a handsome Scotsman either.

  14. Nothing like a handsome Scotsman hanging around! ;) Thanks for stoping by!

  15. liked the excerpt probably vamps