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Caliente Blog Hop Post!

Caliente Blog HopAs a reminder, this blog may not be appropriate for under 18. Read at your own risk, this post contains sex. That's right SEX. 

Welcome to my post for the Caliente Blog Hop! Everyone who comments will be entered to win a prize from me. You can also enter to win the grand Price by Four Seduced Muses. (Details are below)

When I think Caliente, or hot, I think either Mexican food, summer, or I have flash backs to my high school Spanish classes. (Terrifying, let me tell you...) However, I turn my mind to my romance readers and my characters. Today I thought I'd give you a little treat. Occasionally I write things out of order because there is a scene burning in my head, so even though I'm not to this exact point in the book, I'm giving you a sex scene between Orion and Danielle. They told me they needed to be together so I let them. This is from book three in my Dark War Chronicles (DWC #3), the first book will be released June 11th, and there is a free read short story being released May 14th. There are minor spoilers below, I tried to work my way around most of them, but you have been warned.

A little background on these two, Orion works as a stripper for fun, while his main job is DWC_logoworking for Lucius as kind of a body guard for Lucius' human, Tegan. He is a Fae. Danielle is a Hunter, a human that's been trained to kill all matters of supernatural creatures. In this series, only the government or people who have encountered (normally by attacks) supernatural creatures know they exist. There is a war going on between the supernatural creatures, where it's every race for itself, and it's threatening to spill into the human world.

Excerpt: (please keep in mind that this has not been through final edits.)

Danielle found Orion standing on his balcony. His bear back to her as he leaned against the railing and looked out over the landscape. The muscles in his back tensed as he scrubbed his face with his hands. She was starting to learn that this was his sign of distress. She slid the glass door opened and stepped out on the balcony. A shiver crawled over her body at the cold stone her feet touched as she walked over to him.

“What are you thinking about?” She ran a hand over his smooth back.

He snorted. “Work, Tegan, you, a little bit of everything.” With a sigh he turned to her. “I’m sorry, this was supposed to be a good night.”

“Oh yes, but I’m pretty sure dinner with my parents was a foreshadowing of how bad the night was going to go.” Always thinking about working for Lucius, she couldn’t stand it, that and the vampire’s human. Charged to watch over her, Orion had failed when she disappeared. Danielle compared it to failing a hunt. She cradled his face and kissed him. Just a quick peck on the lips.

He chuckled. “You just had to explain to them that I was a stripper. You couldn’t have said military? Or secret agent?”

“I thought they’d get a kick out of it. Besides they think I’m in the military and they know I won’t date anyone at work.” She tucked her fingers into his waistband and pulled him back towards the doors. The warm air wrapped around them as the wind whipped by. She gave him her best come hither smile and a grin spread over his face.

“You always have a way of making me feel better.” He followed her and then pushed her up against the glass doors. Capturing her lips, she parted them and gave his searching tongue the opening it needed. While they kissed Orion’s hands slipped under her shirt, his finger tips brushing over her skin and sending chills marching up her back.

The tingling sensation stayed even after his hands stopped moving and he broke the kiss. She looked up into his green eyes and saw them starting to swirl. Cupping hand to his cheek, she studied the new look in his eyes. “You’re eyes are beautiful.”

He turned his face and kissed the palm of her hand. “Thank you. This is what they look like with out glamour.”

Though he had talked to her about the glamour before she had to wonder what he looked like without all of it. When she questioned him about it, he turned away and explained that he would never drop all of it. Something about being hiding and a traitor to his people, she’d drop the subject after that.

She splayed her hands on his abs and let them travel up and over his smooth, chiseled chest. Lowering her mouth to him, she traced her tongue over every line of muscle she could reach and ended with a kiss on his lips. “Why don’t we take this inside before your roommates come home? I’d hate for them to see this go further on the balcony.”

His laughter rumbled in his chest and vibrated against her hands. “Probably a good idea. I’d hate to upset Coran’s mate.” He reached behind him and slid the door open.  They stepped through and she pushed him up against the wall to the side of the door.

Tucking her fingers into the front of his jeans she undid the button with a flick of her wrist. With slow movements she undid the zipper and never took her eyes away from his. As his pants fell to the ground her body filled with excitement as she realized this was it. Her time with Orion, she’d finally won him and his emotions over.

He ran his fingers through her long hair, pushing it away from her face. Cupping the back of her head he pulled her close for a kiss. At first the gentleness of his lips on her surprised her. Used to his normal demanding kiss, she expected more, but this called to something inside her. Her muscles clenched as his tongue explored her mouth and the moisture grew between her legs as his hands snaked up her shirt and cupped her breast.  Her breath caught when his thumbs brushed over her nipples through the bra. That tingling sensation when through her again and her heart pounded in her chest as her breathing sped up.  He flipped them so she was pressed against the wall and she gave him wide eyes.

He gave a husky laughed and kissed her neck and then nibbled on her ear. “Magic. It’s part of being with a fae.” His breath was hot against her skin. The pounding in her chest almost became unbearable.

She arched to his touch as he ran his thumbs over her aching breasts again. He removed her black t-shirt to reveal the matching black bra that she wore. Trailing his hands over her flat stomach, he hooked a finger on each side of her pants and tugged.


One word, but it shot through her and she obliged. She unhooked the button of the slacks and then slipped them over her hips. Stepping out of the fabric pooled at her feet, she kicked the pants to the side so they were out of the way. Orion settled his hands on her hips and smiled down at her, “Black thong, black bra, you like to match, don’t you?” He asked before slipping the stringed sides of the thong over her hips and let it fall to the floor.

“I’m a Hunter, most of my clothes are black. It’s convenient.” Danielle couldn’t stop the small laugh that bubbled out of her throat. “I’m glad you like it.”

A feral growl left his throat as he stepped back and his swirling eyes roamed over her naked body. She knew that he saw the scars from the attack that landed her in the Hunting Academy, but his gaze didn’t hesitated at those or the scars from her fights. Not like other lovers had. Though something inside her said that he understood. If his glamour had faded would he have scars?

He pinned both her wrists against the wall and gave her a hungry kiss. His tongue swirled with hers. She leaned up into his kiss and didn’t fight against his grip. He stepped back again and quickly removed his boxers letting his cock spring free. She glanced down at his long, thick, member and then wrapped her hand around it. His head leaned back and he shuttered at her touch as she moved her hand down the length of him. When her hand moved over the head he moaned.

She pulled her hand back and moved to the bed, making sure her hips swayed as she did. He followed her. Grabbing her hand before she could crawl all the way on the bed, he stopped her. Danielle looked over her shoulder ready to protest being stopped when she saw the ravishing look in his eyes. He cupped her sex, laying a finger on her clitoris and stroked it gently.

She moaned and wiggled against his hand. His fingers slipped between her wet folds and moved in and out of her core. Her muscles clenched around his fingers wanting to draw them in further and increase her pleasure. He removed his hand from her leaving a cold feeling in its wake. Placing a hand on her back, he forced her to arch her body.

He pistoned his hips and with a swift thrust entered her with ease. She cried out in pleasure as her body accommodated him. The head of his cock stroked just the right spot and sent a wave of ecstasy through her. The tingle of magic mixed with the pleasure again, causing her to clench the blanket in her fists. He moaned as he molded his body against her and buried himself to the hilt in her. She pushed ass up against him as her core contracted to bring him further in.

The feeling of pressure mixed with the pleasure tightened in her stomach as she flexed her hands, going from opened to fists while she tried to hold off the orgasm. Orion’s body tensed and slowed behind her, his hands digging into her hips as he gave another deep thrust. The bliss exploded over her, as her body bucked against the bed, he held tight to her. The biting of his nails only pushed her further over the edge. Her vision faded with the orgasm and she felt his hot seed shoot deep in her as he gave a final thrust.

He kissed the back of her neck before she collapsed to the bed and then rolled over to look at him. He laid next to her and then rolled her to her side so he could hold her. Laying gentle lips on the crook of her neck again he side against her. “Thank you.” The words were just a whisper, but she heard them and it melted her heart.

After tonight, she knew that she was in trouble. She knew that not only did she get to Orion on an emotional level. He got to her. Being with a supernatural creature broke almost every code of being a Hunter, especially when that creature worked for a vampire. She closed her eyes and snuggled into him. “No, thank you.”

She didn’t care. Her heart ached at the thought of walking away from him. After everything they’ve been through this passed week, she couldn’t begin to think of going back to life without the Fae. Without her Orion. Yeah, she was fucked.

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