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Spring is in the Air Blog Hop


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Spring. When most people hear that word they think flowers, bunnies, and things turning green. So while you imagine romance in fields of flowing green grass or singing happy animals, I'm still freezing my ass off. Readers, I live in Colorado Springs, where the weather can be 70 degrees F one day and then a blizzard the next day. Sometimes in the same day. So there are nights where I'm curled up by the fire writing, but there are days where I'm outside with my daughter. It can also range with on what side of town you live on. The south part can be beautiful while the north side is getting hammared. So that's what spring means to me is more snow than we get during the winter, and crazy fluctuating weather!  I do take this crazy weather and put it into my writing though. I love that it is an unpredictable force and can force your characters in doors when you need them there, or outside on a beautiful day. With one of my works in progress, I had to do the research on spring in the Highlands only to find out that it is similar and as crazy as Colorado spring weather. Here is an excerpt from the untitled work.

Lilly and Derek's Story, excerpt

Lilly leaned into Derek’s arm. His tall and muscled body did well to block the random gusts of wind that swept by them. The wolves howled at the full moon above them and despite the fact that Spring was here, the air still had a slight winter nip to it.

“Lass, tis cold. Donna ye want tae be inside in front o’ the fire?” HIs deep Scottish voice rolled through her.

She shook her head and pulled her shawl tighter over her shoulders. “No, the cold reminds me of spring back home.” Her heart ached with the thought of home and being away. Only a few months had passed since she appeared in Scotland and met Derek and the other Deartháirs and nothing eased the homesickness she felt in her heart.

“Ooch, the things I do tae please ye.” He muttered under his breath as they continued their walk.

Lilly watched as clouds rolled over the moon, casting shadows onto the ground. The little green starting to show would be nothing compared to the emerald sea true spring would bring to the Highlands. Though with the shifting of the seasons, something felt magical. A strange tingle inside Lilly formed as she thought about experiencing the way of life and seasons that the Highlands had to offer her.

A tiny tap on her head interrupted her thoughts. She looked up expecting to see a playful and guilty look on Derek’s face, but instead found his brow drawn tight in a frown as his eyes swept the area round them.  Tapping started up again and as the little white balls of ice fell from the sky she recognized the hail. Derek’s arm dropped away from her shoulder and he grabbed her hand.

“Run.” His legs took long strides as he dragged Lilly with him.

She tried her best to keep up with him. Her short legs struggled to cover the same ground as him. The hail pelted them as they ran through the fields in search of shelter. The white balls started to cover the ground and looked much like the snow she’d grown used to. Her vision became distorted by the white cloud of falling ice. Holding tighter to Derek’s hand she trusted him to get her out of this. Her heart pounded against her chest as they came to a stop in a barn on the property.

Laughter bubbled out of her throat as she saw Derek covered in white. She brushed it off the shoulders of his doublet and out of his hair. He raised a brow at her. “What tis so funny, lass? Ye have just as much covering ye. “ He brushed a hand down her hair and a few hail pieces fell lose. “Ye must be freezing.”

“I guess being a vampire has its advantages.” She chuckled and took her shawl off and shook it off.

“Aye,” he cupped his hand against her cheek. “Now what shall we do tae pass the storm?”

Lilly blushed. “I can think of a few things.” She nuzzled his hand as hers dropped down to undo the sword belt at his waist. It dropped to the ground with a thud and he pulled the shawl away from her shoulders and threw it away from them.

“Ah, lass.” He whispered into her ear as he reached behind her to unbutton her dress. The soft fabric slid over her chest and pooled around her waist. His hands went to her shift, but they both froze when they heard something in the barn. Derek let out a low growl. “Cover up. We have company.”

Lilly rushed to pull the top of her dress up and reached to button up. Panic flooded her as Derek picked up his sword. “Show yerself.”

A man stepped out of the shadows in the back of the barn. He clapped slowly as he entered the light. Black hair fell in front of his eyes and fangs peeked out from his lips. Black wings uncurled behind him as the flames from lamp caught his black, dead eyes. “I was about tae get a show. I hoped ye wouldn’t have noticed, I would o’ loved tae kill you in the throws o’ love.”

Lilly’s heart sank as recognition came over her. “Derek-“

“I kin, lass. He tis the lad who tried tae kill ye.”


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  1. i love all the flowers that bloom during spring


  2. My favorite thing about Spring is finally being able to shed the boots and coats and mittens and pack them away. And, not having to brush snow off of my car! Love the snippet of Derek and Lilly. And you nailed the accent.

  3. For me, spring means cleaning up the yard and planting the seedlings that have been growing since February (okay, so maybe I started them a little early this year! ;-) I can't wait for the warmer weather when I can take my dog to the park (he's hairless, so he doesn't appreciate the cold any more than I do).

  4. Once the snow stays away I can't wait to see the roses bloom! This is our first year in a house and I'm hoping the roses that are here will bloom.

  5. Thank you! I had a lot of help with the accent. :) I'm glad I got it down. I don't think I ever pack away winter stuff here!

  6. Poor dog! Hope he's got a doggy sweeter. :D I can't wait to start taking my daughter to the park now that she's walking, but she's not a big fan of cold weather so we have to wait a little bit.

  7. like the flowers
    Thanks for participating

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  8. Thanks for the giveaway! Spring is in the air, but unfortunately living in Upstate NY, it is not even close to arriving. It snowed again at my house just tonight. I'm looking forward to the warm weather and longer days though. Spring is the time of love and my favorite romance novel is entitled "Outlander" by Diana Gabaldon. It's not strictly a romance novel as it's found in the literature section of a bookstore, but it has strong romantic elements. Jamie Fraser is my favorite romantic hero as he's strong, sensitive, honorable and slightly flawed. Sometimes his pride gets in the way of making the right decision, but in the end, he'd do anything for Claire.
    I love this giveaway hop! And, I plan to keep on hopping!

    mestith at gmail dot com

  9. We just got snow here again last night too, and they are calling for more tomorrow. I'm looking forward to flip flops and tank top weather here. The Outlander series is on my to-read list! II'm glad to hear such great things about it!

  10. My favorite thing about spring has to be the promise of warmer weather, although all of us coloradins know its a false promise, we still get snow in spring here haha. But I seriously cannot wait for the sun to come out so I can start to wear shorts and tank tops and feel the warmth on my skin. :)

  11. I love how everything comes to life and it feels like a fresh start :)
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  12. I'm all about the flip flops and the tank tops. No one needs to see my very white legs! LOL.

  13. Sometimes that's what we all need is a fresh start. :) Bring it on spring!

  14. I adore seeing life spring anew all around me. The smell of fresh spring rain showers doesn't hurt either. :)
    Thanks for being part of the hop.

  15. I do love the lovely blooming forsythia, azaleas, cherry and pear trees.
    I sometimes have difficulty reading books that include dialect. I tend to stumble over the language when reading.
    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

  16. I love the smell of rain, but I think we're going to get more snow than rain this year. (which is good, so we can avoid another fire like last year.)

  17. I've gotten that from a couple people. At the start of Lilly and Derek's time together she can't understand him. So he tries to break it down for her. I'm thinking about putting a little guide at the start before I publish to help readers.

  18. I love planting flowers and being outdoors. We spend a lot of time outdoors doing family stuff in the spring... we normally go to the mountains nothing like going to the smokey mountains and seeing all the new life after being cooped up most of the winter.


  19. I love the new baby animals that come out and all the flowers that pop up. I really love just being able TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! Winter in Wisconsin means staying INSIDE lol...
    Thanks for the great giveaway!! Happy spring!!
    Ashley A

  20. Wow. I loved the excerpt of Lilly and Derek's story! I didn't want to stop reading. Since my husband is from Scotland, I was reading the accents just as he would say the words. So much fun but I wanted to read more! It's excellent!

    I hope you get to have run of spring like days eventually! I'd like a bit of spring but it's not that bad here I don't think. Right now it's about 34F and dropping. It snow flurried at us during the day, got up to around 42 but refused to get warmer. The weather guys are trying to say it's going to get in to the 50s for the weekend and I'd very much like to believe them so I think I shall!

    My favorite thing about spring is opening up the windows and letting in the fresh air and letting out the stale old icky air that has been stuck in the house all winter long! After that I would say the next best thing is getting out to take walks without the risk of fingers and/or toes freezing off :D

    Thank you for the chance to enter this giveaway and I hope everyone has a very happy spring when it finds you!

    Shelly H.

  21. I'm glad you enjoyed it and want to continue reading! I'm hoping to have their book out some time next year, so make sure you keep an eye out for it!

    We had a beautiful day yesterday, so beautiful in fact that we went to the park twice! It was amazing. I'll be happy when we can open the windows here too! There's just something special about the spring air.

  22. We'll occasionally see baby bunnies running around. They are so stinking cute! We have nice days here in the winter so it's not all about being kept in the house. I know the weather in Wisconsin can be crazy too! Hope you get outside soon!

  23. The mountains are a great place to go in the spring! I'm hoping to get up there some time this year too!

  24. Wow!!! Awesome prize!!!! My fave thing about Spring is the baby animals and tiny sprouts appearing. Here in MO the ground is still wet and cold but seeing the babies at Grant's Farm makes it worthwhile:)


  25. I love when the weather turns warm and I can laze in the yard :)

    Krysta B.