Friday, February 8, 2013

Four More Days!

I feel like I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off. On one hand, I think everything is perfect, on the other I'm freaking out about possible format screw ups, typos, bad reviews, and anything else that can and will stress me out about these release. Because, that's what I do. I expect the worst but hope for the best. I do know that I have a wonderful cover, a good story, and some excited people. Tuesday night, after prompting myself,  starting a contest and general freaking out, I will be toasting this new accomplishment in my journey.

So let me lay out some of the details here and now. Midnight Symphony will be available on Tuesday Feb. 12th, 2013. (Yep 4 days away!) 

It will be released on (for Kindle), Createspace (And soon Amazon as well) for paper back, Smashwords, and BN (might be a bit late on BN, but I'll get it there.). Smashwords will offer several different formats for e-readers. The price for the novella will be $2.99.

Some big shout outs, thank you to all my Betas who read through it, thank you to Minion (Jennifer) for everything that you've done, and the final edits. Thank you to Jamie Wilson for all the media (book cover, timeline cover, and teaser video) that you've done. I love you all and I couldn't have done it without you!

I did spend some of my time by writing a short story, currently called Of Souls and Steam. I'm hoping it will be included in an anthology coming up, so please keep your fingers crossed. It was my first real attempt at mixing Steampunk and Paranormal :D Life is about to get interesting over here.

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