Sunday, December 2, 2012

The End of NaNoWriMo

This was the only year that I did not do blog updates every week during NaNoWriMo partly because of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog and partly because I was trying to balance life, two nanos, and preparing for my daughter's birthday. My life keeps me busy.

This year was a challenge because I did work on two projects, one which is under a pen name. To bounce back and fourth between two completely different stores really took a lot out of me. I found that characters screamed for more attention when I was supposed to be working on the other project, or no inspiration for what I needed at that time. I also worked on balancing writing and life together, and with a small child how that can be hard. I came across some unexpected things this year that threw a wrench in my month.

1) A child with an ear infection. Those of you who know me, know that my child comes first. End of story. Well, my poor Little Bug got her first ear infection, a double ear infection and it made for some very long nights of snuggling and soothing. A sleepy mama makes for some very rough writing sessions.

2) Changing the way my series was going. Some of you know that Forgotten Dreams is part of a series that I am (contemplating) going to try traditional publishing for. The characters made a decision half way through that the book isn't going to end the way I planned, but lead down a different path. I struggled with the thought, but in the end decided to go that way.

3) A four day trip to the In-laws, who are kind of anti-computer. Rough time there, hand writing wasn't a choice either, because it is still considered being anti-social. Though I did manage some words, I did not hit the amount of words I wanted while I was up there. Had a great time though, got to shoot things.

So plans now? Well, Forgotten Dreams and the other project will be put on hold until I get Midnight Symphony ready to publish, hopefully by February. So keep an eye out, I'll be posting teasers and contests on facebook and on here. Hope to see you around.

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