Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog: Blog 4

With this last installment of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog, I am happy to host L.S. Broomfield, fellow Evernight author.

Do you use anything as motivation while writing?


It truly depends on what I’m writing as to if I will see or listen to anything to further a scene but I suppose the answer is yes.

For instance, my latest motivator was Ella Fitzgerald singing Dream a little dream. It fit perfectly with the black and white smoky 1950’s picture I had seen. So while I wrote a bar scene the beautiful voice of Ms. Fitzgerald egged on my creativity.  Or how about writing a kill scene for my infamous Dragos Cruentus that was originally supposed to be part of book one but now will be in book two. I knew how I wanted this particular scene to play out as every detail was just perfect in my mind but something kept it back—a road block of sorts. So what did I do? I took home in youtube and searched for a song. Initially, I thought Evanescence. I mean really those songs just scream dark and tragic...and then there is Marilyn Manson. But in the end I found the perfect song by Evanescence, Sweet Sacrifice. The scene was typed out in no time at all but it was all thanks to the mood setting song that spurred the words forward. 

Truth is...we all have the ideas in our minds they’re just fragmented and certain pictures, songs or words at times act as the magnet that pulls these hidden ideas forward.

When you think about it everything around us is inspiration. The way the winds blow through the trees or the luminescent red glow like ignited fire that casts across the evening sky as the sun sets for another day. Or how about watching waves crash over rocks? As authors we are rich in motivation and inspiration. We just need to learn to tap into it and let the words freely flow from that. 

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