Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog: Blog 2


Blog two of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog! Please give a warm welcome to Patricia Laffoon! I'm excited to have her here on Writing Rambles.

Hobbies of a Landlocked Mermaid

What's a Mermaid do when she's out of water you ask?  Well, being the only landlocked Mermaid from Kentucky you will ever met, and with it being close to basketball time, I root for the University of Kentucky Wildcats, of course. Now granted, it’s not really a hobby, it’s more like a lifestyle. We here in the Bluegrass State take our basketball very seriously.  Come game time, you can find me either with friends or on my own, pacing the floors screaming at the TV and all but accusing the refereess of turning a blind eye to the other teams mistakes.  That's right my boys don't make mistakes!

Now for the rest of the year I have to say I am an avid antiqueier, on the weekends I love to rummage through peddler malls and antique shops looking for anything that catches my eye and is a bargain. I love metal trays with designs on them from the 50's, and to find one in pristine condition is a true find.  I now own about 15.  I also collect ashtrays, the kind of art deco type, the wilder the better. I am very eclectic in my taste.  Who knows from one week to the next what will catch my fancy. But there is always something I see that I'm sure I just can't live without and will look perfect in my home. And of course it goes without saying I am all ways on the lookout for anything Mermaid related.  So now you know a little of what makes this Kentucky woman tick.


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